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Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good with a Kiara

A woman is never complete without her purse, her “best friend” on her arm.

Kiara Purse is all about feminism and understated elegance for today’s women. All our purses are classic and timeless, deeply influenced by fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. We strive to design affordable and quality purses for women of all ages, and for any occasions during the day or evening. We pay attention to the details and styling of our purses when developing the designs, and you should be able to match any of our purses with anything in your wardrobe! Every design is limited in quantity with no repeats.

A beautiful purse held by a woman in her hand is an extension of her graceful arm. It is a very feminine and natural gesture that completes her as she poses with her purse. It brings out the glow from within her and a dazzling smile that follows, for she knows she is beautiful. A girl of any age can never have enough purses. We are all about feminism, indulgence in beautiful things and blue sky. Just hopeless romantics.That’s why we are in this business of creating and retailing, affordable and beautiful purses to all women out there.

Kiara Purse is a business that believes in giving back and supporting the community. Any purses that you purchased from Kiara, we will donate 20% of the sales to La Casa de la Madres in San Francisco. Please use the code,"LaCasa" to identify your transaction as a donation to this organization. Please enter the code during checkout in the Order(Comments) box. With your patronage, we hope to partner with more local women’s shelters to offer internships and training for those who need to build their work skills. Together we can make a difference because nothing from the heart is ever too small.

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Rest assured that you are carrying a quality purse with a good cause. You will Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good with a Kiara Purse.

Enjoy your Kiara.


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A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Victor Johnson & Associates

p/s: We provide customized purse service and we welcome wholesale and international inquiries. Please send your inquiries to kiarapurse@gmail.com or contact us at +1- (415) 377-3556.